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Bad service, or what she must give to her clients...

This belongs to the "I can't fucking believe it files..."

I was supposed to go on an interview today for a spotty position. First, it was classified as a "customer service position" for a "small company." Fine, so I send my resume via FAX to apply. I get a call a few days later to this dizzy bitch named Lana C. She allegedly runs a "business" from her home, of which she refuses to tell me the name of. On the course of what should have been maybe a 10-15 minute call to set up an interview, get my qualifications and experience, etc. ends up taking more than a half an hour because she doesn't understand the meaning of not letting a call just ring through. I was on hold more than I was talking to her! I was on hold (and this is a modest estimate) of about 9-10 times. This should have given me a clue. Also she refused to let me go over to her home and be interviewed there. I thought that location should be obvious since I would be working essentially in her home. She refused again. She also mentioned her "best friend used to do this job." Uh oh. Another red flag. She mentions this friend just got pregnant with her sixth (OMFG!! Grand Canyon!!) kid and she can't work for her anymore.

She basically admits she has no business sense and no sense of organization. Ack!! This is turning into a "personal assistant" position. Yet another red flag, but I'm pretty much desperate for a job after weeks of searching, so there you go. She is really unable to tell me what exactly I will be doing except "organizing her life." Um, okay. So we set up a tentative date and time, which was today.

Granted, I am a little at fault here as well. My other interview took much longer than it should have including driving time, so I got home much later than I expected so I forgot (and at last minute blew off) the dubious interview.

I get home to a blasting phone message with her cursing me out saying how unprofessional I was, how I was "dodging her calls," (when in truth I had not been home and I no longer have a cell), and how she hoped "I would never get a job." Okay. I was partially in the wrong for not attending the interview, but who the hell interviews at a Caribou Coffee?!? Or a Perkins?!? And refuses to tell you what business she works for (sounds like one of those Moo work from home deals), stating "It's a suprise! I'll tell you when you meet me!" Excuse me? We're not in 2nd grade anymore and the "it's a secret/suprise" lets me know you are not proud of the business you work for. And a blasting message for someone who forgot an appointment?! I hope she doesn't treat the rest of her "clients" that way.

What a crazy. I hope she never finds anyone. With her "I don't give a shit attitude" and/or "I'm a big business woman hear me moooo!" and insulting people who miss appointments, etc. she most likely won't.

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