intoxified (intoxified) wrote in bad_service,

Paypal woes...

I sold two pairs of shirts on eBay and the bidder (from United Kingdom) sent me $ through PayPal. After the money cleared my bank account I mailed him the shirts. I had the custom form and tracking number. A week later he emails me asking where the shirts are. I told him since he was from the UK, it'll take about 2 weeks. After two weeks he emailed me saying he didn't get the shirts. I checked the tracking number and it said that items was in transit. I told him to be patient and that the items are in transit. Two days after that he filed a complaint with PayPal. I sent PayPal the tracking number and everything.

They said they will decide on the case once the buyer receives the items. Then a month later they said they decided in favor of the buyer because I did not reply to the email they sent asking for a reply. WTF? I did send a reply with the tracking number. And the "resolution center" on PayPal won't let me input anything in for the case for an appeal after I got that email saying the bidder won the case.

About two weeks later PayPal took out the money out of my PayPal account (which was zero) and now it is a negative balance. They keep sending me emails every two weeks asking me to put money in to restore the balance to a zero. I emailed them back saying I will not be paying for this because the buyer did receive my shirts (I checked the tracking number and it said the items arrived) and that I will be removing my bank account from the PayPal profile. They sent the common email in reply requesting money to be added to restore the balance to a zero. When I went to take my bank account off, it won't let me remove it because I have a negative balance.

What should I do? I'm new to this PayPal business. Thanks in advance.
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