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I run on coffee and impatience

On gas station attendants

So this weekend has been made doubly special by a certain crazed and rude gas station attendant. Seriously, I'm ... pretty much speechless by some of the things he did and said.

Here's a little background: I was just going down to the local Mobil gas station to well, obviously, get gas and a car wash. First time I swipe my card: the screen said I should go inside to pay the cashier, then it returned to the main menu again. ...Even though my card went through with no problems and stuff and was approved and all that jazz.

SO okay. I went inside. The attendant guy asked me how much gas I want (40 bucks, 20 bucks, etc), and I told him that I needed the full tank, but not sure how much that would be, and explained to him that his uh, pump might be kinda wonky. Also told him that I need a code for the car wash (which needs a credit card or something). He told me that the pump should be working now, and to try again. OKAY, reasonable. So I went back to try again.

This time, the screen said that I needed to "SEE THE CASHIER FOR AUTHORIZATION," after I punched in all the info (you know, like, zip code, what kind of gas, etc etc). Not even "PLEASE PAY THE CASHIER INSIDE." The screen then changed to say "AUTHORIZATION NEEDED" or something like that. Then it completely froze. Problem = going back in to see the cashier. It's pretty clear by now that there's a problem with their pump.

... I go in but to get promptly yelled at by the guy. I barely started saying "UH, IT TOLD ME TO SEE YOU AGAIN?" when he started blowing a gasket and yelled all, "YOU SCREWED UP MY PUMP." Did not even wait for an explanation, just all "MA'AM, I SAW YOU SCREWING UP MY PUMP." ... ...

I tried explaining to him that I didn't punch anything wrong (and someone else at the station also double checked too); but the guy didn't listen. Then he pretty much continued to yell at me. He even told me to "GET OUT, BECAUSE YOU'RE GIVING ME A HEADACHE." .... What kind of customer service is that!? (He actually had the nerve to say he had the best customer service in the area. I'd like to know on what planet).

Then he pretty much gave me two choices. One, to pay HIM for the gas with cash (like, here, I want 50 bucks of gas. But I already told him that I didn't know how much a full tank would cost me, and that I wanted a car wash, which needed the computer/pump and a credit card), or to go back to try the pump again. ... But the pump was just NOT working at all: the screen was FROZEN, hello (which he seemed to not acknowledge no matter what I said and yelled, even). When I pointed THAT out to him AGAIN (and again and AGAIN), he would either interrupt me, ignore me, or to yell at me some more.

When I asked for the manager/owner's name, he flat out refused to tell me. His reasoning? "THERE'S NO OWNER." ...HAHAH WHAT. He even said "YOU SHOULD JUST KILL ME NOW. IT MIGHT BE EASIER." ...Yeah, uh, again, WHAT. Also, he kept swiping my card (he first insisted that I screwed up his pump, then said that it was MY fault for having a faulty card with bad credit; my card was FINE, btw) to check it, so I asked to see some kind of proof that he didn't double-charge me, (lack of receipts, ANYTHING, I don't care) since the screen had shown that my payment and whatnot was approved, but he simply shrugged me off and yelled NO CHARGE NO CHARGE.

Oh, did I mention that he complained about me in front of another customer right in front of me too? Talk about unprofessional. And he was actually stupid enough to say "Oh, I'm videotaping the whole thing." Yes, videotape your own fail, please do.

OH, but it does not end there, nono. I called 411 to get the number of the gas station, so I could call the next day to ask another attendant for the manager's name. Ended up talking to A manager of A Mobil gas station, and he was pretty pissed off at the behavior of the attendant (apparently, they have an attendant by the same name as the crazy one who I encountered, AND whenever this guy's on the job, stuff always goes missing), and said I should come in today in person to file a complaint and to sort things out. All seems well, and I revisit the scene of the crime, so to speak.

...Turns out 411 (somehow) gave me the wrong number to another Mobil gas station. So that wasn't the real manager I spoke with (they were very helpful and nice though, whoever they were). So when I went back today to speak with who I thought would be the manager, ... it was the rude attendant. ...Again. THIS IS NOT AS PLANNED!

So I asked for the name of the REAL manager (yet AGAIN). The guy calls a number, and says "oh the manager isn't available." Then I asked him for the manager's office's number, so I could call him/her myself later; and he said that I was not allowed to speak with the manager. I believe his exact words were "what, there's no way. You're not allowed to speak with the manager!" then waved me off. I told him that I had every right to speak with a manager about his behavior.

.....AND of course, he starts yelling (again) and being a jerk, which is NOT a surprise. Then he called me "crazy and not in the right mind." Then this convo happened.

Gas dude: All that's standing between us right now is the police. [[What is this, a Western!?]]
Me: Fine, I'll call the police then, because I'm fed up with your behavior, and I can't seem to file a customer service complaint anywhere. [[I couldn't find a corporate customer service number for Mobil -- at least not on their website; and the attendant wasn't going to tell me anytime soon]]

..............Yeah. It's ... very special. Me and some other customer were just all "......." at him. So when I reported the guy to the police, the police, understandably, went batshit, since uh, lol, randomly claiming you're the police = NO.

...So then the police came and the guy's apparently in trouble.

Honestly, how did this guy get a job in the first place?
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