Kaitlyn (sharpiequeen8) wrote in bad_service,

New member posting. A few months ago, myself and a friend went out to lunch on a Sunday, just to catch up, talk, blah stuff people do when they go out to lunch.

We arrived at the restaurant, were seated by the hostess and started looking at our menus. It was about 2 PM on a Sunday and I'm not sure if that's usually a busy time, but there was no one in our section, and while I couldn't see the other parts of the restaurant, it wasn't too loud, so I just assumed there weren't too many people in there. Fine with me, I always get uncomfortable in crowded, noisy restaurants. We decide what we're going to order and start to chat a bit. And wait. Some more chatting and waiting. I look at my phone and it's been roughly ten minutes since we've been seated and no one has even approached us. We're out of the view of the hostess, so I would guess she thought we'd been helped. We looked around a bit, only to spot a waiter coming up. We smile, he greets us, we smile a bit more. Not a big deal that he took a while, because we were just talking anyways. Order our drinks, a lemonade for me and an iced tea for her, and our food. Drinks come out within a few minutes, which makes sense. Drinks come quicker than the food. We start talking some more, telling stories and all, then realize it's been about 45 minutes since we ordered. She got a chicken sandwich and me, a burger. And in all of this time, no more customers have arrived and our drinks haven't been refilled once. We look around a bit, which again seems to magically trigger the waiter coming out with our food. It's warm and it's good, so again, we don't really care that it's been so long. I ask him if I can get a refill on my drink, and he says sure, and walks away.

And does not return again until about 30 minutes later, when he comes to give us our checks and take away our empty plates. By now, we've decided that the fact that he hasn't really given us much customer service at all, by never refilling our drinks and taking quite a while to get our food to us, means that he's definitely not getting a big tip. My total was about fifteen dollars and hers was about the same. I paid with a debit card, slipped it in the little black book they give you, and she used a 50, since that was what her mom had given her for lunch. I left a 2 dollar tip when he came back with my card and her change, signed the receipt, she took her change and we left. She didn't leave a tip. As we were talking towards the parking lot outside, our server comes out and yells something unintelligible at us. We turn, confused and stare at him for a momeny.

"There's no money there!" Turns out that's what he has shouted at us. Assuming he's mad that we haven't left a tip, we roll our eyes a bit and turn to keep walking. Not really obligated to leave a tip for crappy service bud. So anyways, some slightly more official looking guy comes out, and yells for us to stop. We do, turn around. My friend yells, "It's on the table!" Thinking that this guy is pissed off too about his employee not getting a tip.

Turns out, rather than taking the money she owed him when he took her 50, he simply broke it into smaller bills. And put it back in her black book thing that they give you the receipt in. And walked away. And my friend, being a bit of a nit about money, didn't bother to count it, just stuck it in her wallet. A twenty, a few fives and some ones. Looks right, no?

I don't know if this technically warrants as BAD SERVICE, but I personally believes it can be considered 'uhhh what. we gave you the money take what we owe so we can leave now'.

for the benefit of those about to say tl;dr: went out to lunch, got zero drink refills, were accused of trying to walk out on our meal.

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