Change Will Come... (changewillcome) wrote in bad_service,
Change Will Come...

I'm new to the community.

I had a rare encounter yesterday where I was the customer rather than the employee who wanted to scream. I wanted to bang my head against something hard because of the stupidity.

Me: Your friendly customer who just wants to get her pin numbers on her accounts reset because something is wrong with them.
BT: Brainless Teller

BT: Hello, how can I help you today?
Me: Hi, I'd like to have the pin numbers on my savings and checking account reset for the telephone banking.
BT: Oh. I'll need to see your I.D. and do you have your account numbers?

I give her the I.D. and the account numbers, she pulls it up on her computer... and stares at it. And stares at it. And stares at it. She does a couple mouse clicks.

BT: *looks at me blankly for a moment* Alright, do you have your debit card with you?
Me: I don't have a debit card.
BT: Oh. So this is your internet banking pin you want to change and not your debit?
Me: No, I want to change my pin numbers on my savings and checking account for telephone banking.
BT: Oh! Your telephone banking pin numbers for your savings and your debit?
Me: No, my telephone banking pin numbers for my savings and my checking accounts is what I would like to change. I don't have a debit card.
BT: Oh. *looks at me blankly for a few moments* Your pins for your savings and your checking accounts for telephone banking?
Me: Oh my gods, she finally got it right! Yes.
BT: *stares at the computer screen for a few more moments* Well... I'm not sure how to do that. It will be one moment, I need to talk to my supervisor.

*me, about to facepalm* So I stand there and wait.

So BT has to go across the lobby over to the supervisor's desk. They talk for a moment, I imagine the supervisor tells her what she needs to do because then BT walks back across the lobby and back behind the front desk. She goes over to a file cabinet and starts looking through it. She does this for a bit. Then she closes it, without taking anything out. She walks over toward me.

BT: I need to find a form for you to fill out, it will just be a minute, I can't seem to find it.

She so what does she do? She walks over to the other teller window where there's a large jar of candy, take a piece out, and take her sweet time to unwrap the damn thing, pop it in her mouth, and then start to talk to a coworker. I'm thinking, WTF? and I'm about to say, "I'll come back in tomorrow" when she walks back across the lobby to her supervisor's desk.

I'm now watching the clock, because, goodness, the bank lobby closes in five minutes! Finally she walks back out to the supervisor's office, and then she and the supervisor walk back behind the desk. The supervisor opens the same file cabinet, points to a folder, pulls out a piece of paper, and gives it to BT, who looks suprised that she could have missed something that she had just looked through. So BT takes the paper and walks back over to me.

BT: Here's the form! Alright, I'll need your account numbers and I'll need to see your debit card and I.D.
Me: Here are my account numbers, here is my I.D. and I do not have a debit card.
BT: Oh, so this is just for your savings and checking?
Me: Yes.
BT: And you're wanting to change the pins for the internet banking, right?
Me: No, telephone banking.
BT: Oh! Telephone banking. Got it.


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