Ramblings of the Evenstar... (katieliz) wrote in bad_service,
Ramblings of the Evenstar...

First time poster. whee!

Usually when bad service happens I forget about it before I get home, but this one happened yesterday to my mother, and it infuriated her so that she's still talking about it.

So, yesterday my mother and I went to the local liquor store to get rum for a party we're throwing tomorrow (unrelated rant: woo to us Pennsylvanian citizens, who have to buy our beer and liquor in different stores). My mother goes up to the cash register to pay, and we get in line behind a man buying stuff for his daughter's 21st birthday. As she's bagging his purchase, the cashier remarks to him "so, I bet I'll see you in here tomorrow, huh?"

The man reacts a little stunned, as the cashier basically just called him an alcoholic, and starts explaining about how he was buying this for his daughter, then leaves the store in a huff.

The cashier rings up our purchase and takes my mother's credit card. My mom has her picture on the card, and admittedly the picture is a little old. The cashier looks at it, looks up at my mother and goes "ha! How old is this picture lady?" And then proceeds to compare my mother to the 60 year old men who walk into the store with their college IDs.

My mom laughed it off, walked outside, and *edit as it was unclear* hasn't stoped complaining about it since.

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