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The hubby and I are in the process of painting a bright yellow wall to red, so we went to Lowes yesterday to get some primer. While we were browsing, I found a leaflet provided by Lowes that suggests getting white primer tinted to a light grey to maximize it's coverage. I'd seen this done on HGTV (I'm addicted, haha) so we decided to go that route. Cue us walking up to the paint counter with our bucket of white primer to an older, scowling employee...

H: Hi! I'd like to get this primer tinted gray, please.
Employee: You can't do that. That's primer.
H: Yes, I know what it is and yes, you can do that.
Employee: No. You. CAN'T. That's primer - it's SUPPOSED to be white.
H: Well, I want it tinted gray.
Employee: No.
H: I'm staring at a Lowes leaflet right here that suggests to get white primer tinted gray, and you're telling me you can't do it?
Employee: *blank stare*....so even though it's primer, you want to make it gray?
H: Yes, that's what I want.

At this point she either realizes that she's just misinformed or finally remembers that yes, you CAN tint primer so she gives in, all while sighing and visibly rolling her eyes while starting the tinting process. Husband and I look at each other like "WTF?". Now for a little customers_suck, in my opinion. Husband has very little patience for this sort of attitude, so he said to me just loud enough so she could hear, "I didn't know it was such an inconvenience to assume she knows what she's doing." I hit him on the arm, because despite her behavior I didn't think that was appropriate. Right as I'm about to tell him that you never know the kind of day someone has had, and to ask for a manager if he wants to make comments like that, she literally stormed over to him and snapped, "Uh, EXCUSE ME? I've been here for 11 years, I DO know what I'm doing!"

I sent husband off to look for something else while I waited on the primer because the two of them were about to seriously get in to it. The situation could have definitely gone without husbands commentary, but she didn't have to be such a hag about the primer - just admit you're wrong, apologize and laugh it off. Why keep arguing when you're obviously mistaken?

I know we all have our 'off' days but geez... I hope her customer service skills were better 11 years ago. :)
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