nmgirl98 (nmgirl98) wrote in bad_service,

Oh David's Bridal..how you make me laugh...

...and want to make me slam my head against the wall.

My best friend is getting married in October in Virginia.  I'm in New Mexico and my closest David's Bridal is down the road in Texas.
This is important.

I call to make an appointment to order my bridesmaids dress.  I know the style I want, the color I need and etc.  The following ensues when I call

Me: dur
DBE:  girl who just can't get it

Me: I need to make an appointment to order a bridesmaids dress please
DBE:  OK (and proceeds to take down my name, phone number and day I'd like to come in)
DBE:  What's the bride's name?
ME:  (Tell her the name)
DBE:  You're where?
ME:  Up the road in New Mexico
DBE:  This wedding is in Virginia.  Is that the right one?
ME:  (Figures she's just double checking)  Yes, that's correct.
DBE:  Uhm...hang on a sec...(And leaves me on hold for about 10 minutes....then comes back)
DBE:  This dress is for a wedding in Virginia?
ME:  Yes, that is correct.  The bride is in Virginia.  That is where the wedding will be.  In October.
DBE:  You have to order the dress from the location the bride ordered her dress from.  Let me give you that information.
ME:  What?

This went round and round for a while.  I kept asking to speak to the manager but she kept running over everything I said, insisting that I had to order from the DB in Northern Virginia.  I knew...and probably everyone else in the world knows...that part of having store locations all over the states makes it possible for folks not in the bride's area to order their wedding party dresses wherever they live.

I finally say, "OK, fine, whatever" and hang up.  I wait an hour and call back and it's the same girl.  I know I'm not going to get anywhere with her so I immediately ask to speak to a manager.

DBE:  I'm sure I can help you.
ME:  No, I'd like to speak with a manager or assistant please.
DBE:  What's the problem?
ME:  I'd like to speak to a manager or assistant please.

Wash, rinse, repeat.  Again, I hang up.  I'm hoping against all hope that when I call back later on this evening, she won't be there.  
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