A world tree and the last of three (idunn) wrote in bad_service,
A world tree and the last of three

I'm going to WHAT?

This happened about two years ago, but it still blows my mind.

I'd just graduated college, and since I could no longer use the student clinic, I had to find a new ob/gyn. My mother recommended hers, so I made an appointment and off I went for a check-up.

Backstory: I had a condition for several years which meant I never had a normal menses. I would (literally) hemmoragh for months at a time. It was awful and obviously a real detriment to everyday life. I was left anemic and once fainted from blood loss.

Over the years, I'd dealt with other ob/gyns who ran the gamut of tests and couldn't find anything wrong and then either foisted medication on me that would only stop the symptoms (without even knowing the cause) or suggesting a hysterectomy (while I'm still a teenager). Those are all bad_service in and of themselves, but amazingly they're not the center of today's tale. I finally found a wonderful endocrinologist who diagnosed me with polycystic ovarian syndrome and who put me on medication and who was very thoughtful. Unfortunately, I'm told that the condition is incurable, but at least I'd finally found a good doctor who had active listening skills.

So during the exam with Doc Ock, she starts to give a running commentary on this syndrome I have. Imagine you're naked on an examination table and already in a vulnerable place as someone's poking and prodding you. Then they say this:

"You'll probably get diabetes by the time you're 40. Oh, don't look at me like that, what do you expect? We get old and our bodies fall apart. So you'll probably get it. Unless ovarian cancer gets you first. Oh, no, don't worry!" She pats my hand. "I will make sure you have LOTS of babies!"

Uh, considering you just told me I'm going to die young, do you really think BABIES are my top concern right now? Yes, women with PCOS can be at higher risks of all sorts of diseases, but I wasn't even insulin resistant, my endocrinologist and other physicians said I was in otherwise excellent health, and who made you God? How can you predict the future like that?

I left her office in hysterics and didn't go back.

A week or two later, my sister comes home from college and goes to Doc Ock. She comes to see me simultaneously fuming and freaking out. Doc Ock asked her if she was sexually active. Being a college student, human, and honest, my sister said yes. Despite the fact that Sis always uses protection and was responsible about what she did and with whom, Doc Ock pronounces that if Sis doesn't keep her legs shut, she'll die of AIDS.

So now a second member of my family thinks this woman is insane and refuses to go back.

Now, my mother. Mum had been using Doc Ock for a while and hadn't any problems so far. But Mum notices a little hair on her face that she wants to get rid of, and Doc Ock mentions that she's licensed in laser hair removal. Great.

Except the procedure is painful. Doc Ock says it's okay, that's just how it is. Mum comes out of it with a swollen face and a scar (which thankfully is so minimal that we don't even notice, but being that it's on my mother's face, she's obviously distraught). Mum is furious. She ends up getting a recommendation for a great dermatologist, who does some successful hair removal WHICH DOESN'T HURT AT ALL. Dermatologist says it's NOT supposed to hurt, and furthermore, it's dangerous for people to do cosmetic procedures when that isn't their specialty. Apparently a lot of doctors are taking week courses and buying machines and touting their cosmetic skills when they haven't had nearly the training of a dermatologist or cosmetician or another professional of the like. If your specialty is gynecology, don't try something else on the side just to bring in more money! Dermatologist is further upset because, since the procedure isn't supposed to hurt, it sounds like Doc Ock is either setting the laser way too high (which shows her lack of training) or bought the wrong equipment for the sake of expense.

So now Doc Ock lost my entire family as clients. I would put erect a billboard of warning over this woman's office if I could. Too bad compassion, common sense, and lack of a God complex aren't requirements for a medical degree.

tl;dr - Ob/gyn tells me and my sister that we're going to die and nearly burns my mother's face off because she doesn't know how to use a laser.
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