JennyElf (jennyelfenmass) wrote in bad_service,

Bad moving service

Didn't happen to me, but I'd say this is horrible service. I'm linking to two posts in the b0st0n community where this was first posted.
First, the moving trunk hits a bridge which was two low, destroying the truck and the contents. (Great pictures in that one).
Then, the moving company tells the people who's possessions were destroyed that they have to pay for the move first before they can file a claim. Not only that, the standard insurance only covers $0.60 per pound. Yes, the owners might have thought to get better insurance, but the moving company also shouldn't have driven onto a road where all the entrances are marked "Clearance 11ft" with a 13ft 6in truck.

Bad service: only completing 1 mile of a cross country move before destroying the contents of the moving truck and then expecting full payment for the move before allowing the owners to file a claim.
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