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AT&T sucks

I'd placed a call two weeks ago to AT&T to fix a billing issue for the third time. After the issue was fixed (again), when I asked that a confirmation letter be sent to me as this has been costing us money on every bill, the CSR responded "I fixed it!" and hung up on me. Thankfully, I'd selected that I'd answer the survey before I spoke with him, so I gladly left my opinions.

Needless to say, AT&T has been trying to reach me to discuss this CSR's rudeness. Unfortunately, they've been calling me at wacky hours from a number listed as "Unknown". I don't answer Unknowns or Private calls, sorry. Nor do they leave a call back number on the voicemail, just a "sorry we missed you again" message.

This morning's phone call to discuss the issue? 4:51 am.

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