christine (cme2694) wrote in bad_service,

What to do?

So after work today I went to the mall for new work clothes. I love New York and Company, and had one of those "Spend $150 and get $60 off" coupons. Makes it worth it for me.

I was a bit of a pain. I have problems with matching, so I was asking the sales people for shirts that would match pants - but that's what they are there for.

I ended up spending close to $300 before the discount. Ringing me up had taken a while, so a new register was opened for the people behind me, and someone else helped my cashier to bag my stuff. Everyone was very friendly.

I come home and unpack, only to notice that I'm missing a pair of pants. They are listed on my recipt, but not in the bag (or my car, I checked). I called the store, and they told me that there wasn't a pair left behind the counter. They are going to ask the cashier when she gets in tomorrow and call me.

What can I do? I'm not sure I was memorable to the cashier - although this pair of pants didn't have a tag, and she wrote one out and put it on there for me - maybe she will remember that. If she doesn't, what course of action do I take? I know $30 for a pair of pants isn't *that* much, but to me it is.

Any suggestions?

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