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McDonald's Bad Service

Howdy all, long time lurker, first time poster, blah blah, you get the gist.

I went to lunch at McDonald's today (I work out of state, so it's hard to not eat out). When I got there, it wasn't particularly busy. There were about 3 people in front of me, all getting their orders handed to them. I'll go into script format from here.

Me) "I'll have a grilled chicken club sandwich no tomatoes." *gives him a second to enter it*
Cashier) "We don't have tomatoes."
Me) "Um, ok... Either way I don't get tomatoes..."
Cashier) "Is that for here or to go?"
Me) "I'd also like a bottle of water, a parfait, and a sundae without topping."
Cashier) "Was that sundae hot fudge or caramel?"
Me) "No topping."
Cashier) "Is that for here or to go?"
Me) "For here, please."

The total came to $9 and some change. I paid for it, and then got to doing some math. Chicken Sandwich = $4 + $1 parfait + $1 sundae + $1.50ish bottle of water = $7.50 + tax <> $9 something.

I waited until they put the receipt on the tray to see if maybe I was wrong on my math, but instead they charged me for a full meal.

So when the manager was putting stuff on the counter, I mentioned that the cashier had rung me up incorrectly. She fixes it, yada yada, all is good.

They forget my parfait at first, but no big deal, I mention it, and they get it for me. I get to a seat, and open up my sandwich, and it's a crispy chicken instead of a grilled. So I went back up to the counter and got that fixed.

Not a huge bad service, but enough to think the cashier needs to work on their listening skills.
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