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Subway suck.

Today, my roomie/best friend went to get pedicures. Next door is a Subway that we frequent when in the area. We decided to grab some subs for lunch after our pedicures were done.

We walk over there, and theres kind of a long line. I don't understand why, no one seems to be talking or ordering or anything. My friend and I get up to the counter to order and the woman working barely spoke above a whisper. I had to ask "excuse me, what was that?" at least 5 times. I asked for double meat twice and she just looked at me like "huh?" And I had asked for ham and turkey and she had only put turkey. Okay whatever I'm over it.

Our sandwiches are done! Yes! I'm stoked to partake in the eating of a delicious turkey and ham sub. My roomie is in front of me and we had told them 3 seperate times that our sandwiches were different orders. I told them twice that I wanted to make mine into a meal. There was at least 5 people working at the time. We get to the counter and our sandwiches are in the same bag. I'm holding a bag of chips saying again "they aren't together. I would like to make mine into a meal." The woman ringing us up sighs loudly like we're making her day so hard. She gives my friend her total and she hands her her debit card. And here comes the suck.

"Oh we can't take cards today. The machines are broken." said with the most annoyed "I'm sick of saying this today" tone.

My friend only had her card and I had $9 in cash. We just stood there like "uhhhh."

My friend didn't get her food, my total was $9.10 and she just let me have it for $9. I said "You know, you should probably put up a sign or let people know before they order. You're wasting a lot of food." And as I say that, I hear the woman behind me say "What? You don't take CARDS? That's all I have! I've been standing in like for 15 minutes for this?" 2nd wasted sandwich of the day, at least when I was in there, and another person probably wasting a good portion of their lunch hour.

It's not a huge deal but ugh that pissed us off. My sub was pretty good, though.

How hard is it to hand write a sign that says "Sorry, NO ATMS today!" ?
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