cbpiz (cbpiz) wrote in bad_service,

I HATE Freaking Pay Pal!

After reading so many stories of bad service, I should have known better than to use them.  However, I have had an account linked to my bank account for four years with no problems so I thought all would forever be well in paypal land.


I had two charges a week apart totally over $40 for a company called Lin..something (Cant remember right now and paperwork isn't in front of me).  Having no idea what that is, I googled it and it turns out to be a game called second life.  Some of you may have heard of it.  You all don't know me but I am a 43 year old woman and don't pay computer games and barely have time for my first life let alone having a second.  So I opened up a dispute and in my ignorance, thought they would remove the charge, credit my bank account and find out what the clerical mistake was on their end.  More the fool me.

I went on vacation, got back and checked the status.  It said "CLOSED".  Hmmm, I don't recall getting that money back.  I looked for details and basically my request was denied.

Umm, huh?

This is a charge I did not make that was to the same company twice in a week.  No one has my paypal information..not even my family.  Which means, I paid for someone elses game and they need to figure out whose and give me back my money.  Apparently their resolution is to say "tough shit".  I called and the rep said they would send the investigation details to me via mail.  Okeedookee but that still isn't going to get my money back.

I have closed my account which is a big hassle as I used it for ebay (and that was about it).  But I certainly can't have people going in to my bank, taking a few bucks and the company just shrugging it off.  I am just glad it was only a little over 40 bucks.  It could have been much worse.


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