a sparkling girleen, painted and lovely. (winterbymorning) wrote in bad_service,
a sparkling girleen, painted and lovely.

Somewhat bad service from my doctor.

At the end of May I went to my friendly local clinic to get my prescription for birth control renewed. The last time I had gone there, they told me that they also gave BC out for free or whatever you can pay, because they think that it should be available to everyone regardless of their financial condition- which was perfect since I'm a poor college student.

So after I got my scrip, I asked my doctor if I could have a pack, since I was on the placebos of my last one, and he said sure and gave me one. I started the pack he gave me on Tuesday, June 3rd.

Last night I happened to look at the pack while taking my pill and it said, "EXP 2008 05."

Now, I'm sure that the hormones in those pills don't go bad at midnight on the dot, May 31st, but still, it's not reassuring to discover that I've been taking expired medication for the past few days. Expired birth control, at that. When my boyfriend's sperm expires I'll be fine with taking years-old pills, but until then I kind of need them to be working at full capacity, you know?

I know that everybody makes mistakes, but you'd think a licensed medical professional would think to check expiration dates before blithely giving his patients their meds.

(I emailed the clinic last night, but they're closed on weekends, so I've not heard from my doctor yet.)

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