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What about the other 5 layers?

I decided to treat my boyfriend to lunch the other day and we ended up at Taco del Mar. I noticed a tasty-sounding item on their menu called the Six Layer Nachos, and asked what it included. The older of the two men working told me it was "exactly like the meat nachos without the meat", and I went ahead and ordered it.

Now, at this same location not a week ago, my boyfriend ordered their meat nachos and they were topped with beans, pico de gallo, sour cream, guacamole, and plenty of cheese. What I received was a plate of dry, plain chips with maybe a tablespoon of cheese on top of them, right in the middle. Literally four of the several dozens of chips on my plate had any cheese on them whatsoever. Confused, I asked the cashier if anything else was supposed to come with my order, and the older man yelled angrily across the counter at me "They are just CHEESE nachos". When I asked if I could have more cheese on them they told me I would have to pay $1.25 extra.

I told the cashier that I was a bit confused and thought that the "six layer" nachos would come with more than one layer of toppings, so he asked the other man if he could give me some sour cream and guacamole. He gave me a small amount of each (while speaking angrily to his co-worker in a language I couldn't understand) which still left nearly all of my chips plain. I asked if I could order a burrito instead but I'd already paid (I paid at the cash register while the older man made our food) and apparently no one at the store knew how to do refunds on their register (I'm not sure I believe this).

I tried to spread the toppings out and ate as many chips as I could, but they were just too salty to eat plain in that quantity and I ended up throwing probably 2/3 of my food away. I was pissed; the menu and the man who I asked about the item were misleading, I'm almost positive they shorted me things that were supposed to come with my order, they were rude to me and refused to compensate me in any way, and I was charged almost $7 for what was basically a side order of chips with a side of sour cream and guacamole (which would be around $3 and come with much more sour cream and guacamole than what I was given). Obviously I won't go back to that location again, and I did send an email to their corporate office. It is a franchise and I'm pretty sure the older man working was the owner though, so it's likely nothing will come of it.

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