Rubydreamer (rubydreamer) wrote in bad_service,

Telstra woes

I posted a couple of months ago, about the lack of service from Telstra.

I am now taking bets on how long it's going to take for Telstra to connect the phone to our new house.

We booked it on the 15th March. We were initially promised they would connect on April 1st, then 2nd May, then 2nd June...still no phone.

The problem is they have to upgrade the cabling in the street. At present we are the only new house in the street, so we are only one, wee little voice and not important enough to consider, or even tell the truth to. So far I have been assured, each time that it's going to be done, and last time I was told it had been done.

A telstra contractor did come to our house last week, and did his bit, from the street to the house, but couldn't connect. He was surprised that he had been sent to the house, when he couldn't actually do anything about it.

So far I've had to buy a new Next G mobile phone...couldn't get a service at all with the old phone, and wireless, which is expensive and gives me hardly any download. The service is okay, and the speed is fast...that's all.

I've been told that we cannot even get any compensation from Telstra, because we didn't take up their offer of a mobile phone so that we could get calls while we were waiting. She didn't tell me at the time, that we would be forfeiting any chance of getting compensation.

And yes I have a complaint with the TIO (Telecommunications Ombudsman), and an official complaint number with Telstra, and I have been allocated a Case Manager.

It's very hard to run two small businesses from home without a landline...and expensive to boot, having to use mobiles and wireless.

This is not actually bad service...but NO SERVICE.

I cannot go with another carrier, as Telstra are the only ones, who actually do any of the cabling. We have no choice what-so-ever.

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