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I’m not sure if this is really a suck, but it was… odd service. 
Every Friday night, a couple of friends and I get together for “Girls Night”. Basically we drink mix drinks, order food of some sort, gossip, and watch a movie. Tonight it was my turn to host decided we would order pizza. About an hour after everyone had gotten here, I called Dominos. The man taking the order wasn’t rude, per-say, but he was… odd?
1.       We had initially wanted the 555 deal, but when I was ordering, one of my friends decided she didn’t want to eat, so I just asked for two medium cheese pizzas, garlic bread, and cinnastix. He commented “What happened… someone decided to starve themselves?” I was pretty taken back by the comment, but didn’t mention anything.
2.       He asked if it was for delivery or carry out, I said delivery. He asked for my number and I gave it to him, and then he verified the address. I said yes, that’s correct. He then asked me if I was sure. I told him of course I was. He asked me to go outside and check the numbers; I told him I was perfectly capable of knowing my address.

3.       He read back my order and I asked for the total. He said it was $19.36. I told him okay, and he then said “You sure you can afford this?” and he laughed into the phone.
4.       I then told him that I would be paying with my credit card. I read off the numbers, the expiration date, and told him it was under my name, Alexandra M. He asked to speak to Alexandra, and I said that was me, it was my card. He said I sounded too young to have a credit card and began asking me my age. I found this odd, but told him I was twenty. He said I sounded like I was 15. Whatever. I asked if he needed anything else and he said he needed my credit card number again because he had written it wrong. I gave it to him again. eHHksdjfjskddjfjsdfHe said it would be thirty minutes and that I should be standing outside. Then, before he hung up, he said to not forget to tip the driver because the gas here had just risen to $4.00.
I don’t know if this was awful service, but it left me a bit uncomfortable about how unprofessional he sounded over the phone. My friends agreed that it was a bit odd. I wanted to complain to a manager, so I called my brother, who works at said Dominos. He said the person I talked to was the manager.
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