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You are not a doctor

I had some very strange symptoms, so I figured a visit to the doctor was in order

So for the past week and a half I've had this strange burning and tingling in my palm and wrist, with soreness going up my arm. It started to get worse with a burning sensation across my palm and wrist. As I'm an FSWEP student and don't get paid time off, I called my family doctor for an evening appointment. Her secretary told me they couldn't book me an appointment for the next day, because they only allow that block to be filled with emergency appointments booked on the day of. She asked me to call and book one in the morning, because it was serious. She also kept apologising that she couldn't book me one that night.

I call the next morning and it's a different secretary. I explain to her my symptoms, and that I was told to call today for an appointment. and she tells me I no longer count as an emergency and she cannot give me an emergency appointment. I try to explain to her that the pain is making it hard for me to do my job, and that I cannot take the entire afternoon off for an appointment during a weekday, but if they have an appointment on the weekend, I can make it. She then tells me  the only appointment she is going to give me is on June 24th in the evening at the very earliest.

My Mum calls back a few hours later and explains to the same secretary that I cannot take time off or I lose pay, and that I'm finding it more and more difficult to do my job blah blah blah and explains the symptoms once again. The secretary then tells her only one person has book an appointment for Saturday, so they could see me at 10am that day.

I just ended up seeing the doctor an hour ago, and it turns out I have a pinched nerve, and she wants me to take some drugs and go see an RMT immediately.

So, uh, wtf? When does a secretary who has no medical training get to choose if you symptoms are severe or not? And you would think 'I cannot do my job' would count as an emergency. This is a local family clinic, so all of their emergencies are either fever or pain like mine.  And not telling me there were openings on the weekend when they only had one other person booked?
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