Kimber (chesterismyhero) wrote in bad_service,

Mediacom....I hate you...

We recently a matter of fact, this is only our 3rd week here.

We had also brand new line ran to our 2nd bedroom.

Last weekend, May 31st to be exact, our internet went out. I waited all day, and finally that night I called the tech support line. The recording said there was an outage in our area. Ok..I can deal with that.

Sunday, still no internet. I called the tech support line again. No outage. I talk with a tech and he has me unhook the cable wire and the power from the modem. After 30 seconds, I hooked them back up and the internet worked. (I don't know why I didn't unhook the power when I unhooked the modem before I called...I usually do that...)

So I have internet....for about 5 minutes. It goes out again. About every 15 minutes for an hour or so, I tried the cable and power thing, but it wouldn't come back on. I thought that it might be the old line. So I unhook the modem and my router and take them to the new line that is in the second bedroom. Nope. Wouldn't work. I hooked everything up where it was and decided to try tech support again.

So I call the tech support line again. The second person I talked to asked if I had my internet line ran through a splitter. I explained that it had its own line. He said that my signal was extremely weak.

He tells me that since I've only had it for 2 weeks, he was going to put a work order in and set it as "high priority". He told me that I would get a call on Monday telling me when the tech would be here.

Monday comes and goes, no call.

Tuesday my husband calls. They tell him that the work order wasn't marked as high priority or anything like that. So my husband asks when the tech will be here. June 11th. Hell no. I've never had to wait that long for a tech. The guy on the phone said that they had earlier appointments, so we scheduled on for today.

I asked that we be given a call 30 minutes before the tech was going to arrive. We had plans today (its the husband's birthday), so we were going to have someone come here when the tech showed up, but we couldn't get him to sit here for 4 hours. We've done this before, so we didn't think it'd be a problem. The person he was talking to said it wouldn't be a problem.

I get a call at 1:15 (which isn't bad because our appointment was anywhere between 1 and 5). I call my father-in-law and tell him that the tech just called. My fil gets here in no time flat...mostly because he lives a half a block away....but as soon as he got here, no more than 10 minutes after I received the comes the tech....So instead of my 30 minute warning (which has never been a problem before) was cut in half. It would have sucked if we wouldn't have been able to get someone here.

So the tech does his thing....apparently everything wasn't "good to go" as the guy who installed it said they were. I don't know the specifics, but my fil had asked what the problem was, and the new tech said that the first one basically botched the entire hook up. He had to redo the wires, the box on the side of the house, and how the first one had things on the pole out back.

Hopefully we don't have any problems for awhile.

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