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Southwest Homes

A couple of months ago my parents bought a modular home made by Deer Valley. They had to set up the buying and the installation of the home through Southwest Homes in Lake Charles, LA  because it was the only place where they could buy it locally. One of the reason they chose this place was because it seemed to have the best ratings in the area.

When reading this you have to keep in mind that this is not a manufactured i.e. trailer. This is a modular home. It's built better than most on-site built homes. It's got 6inch outside walls,  4 inch inside walls, 9ft ceilings, 8inch floor joists, 5/8ths plywood for the decking, 2 by 6 ceilings joists, and the house is rated for 145mph winds.  In other words, it's a really freaking heavy house.

Here is a list of everything that went wrong:

When he poured the slab he put sand underneath one of the corners that was low instead of building the clay back up that had washed away. So whenever the company brought the house over, the entire corner broke off and that half of the slab cracked.  It broke because it had no support.

When they unwrapped one side of the house there was a huge leak in one of the bedrooms. While the house  was sitting at Southwest Homes there was tear in the wrapping and water got in. The entire ceiling in that room had to be torn out and redone. They were supposed to have rewrapped the house when it got to their site. They didn't.

Because the slab broke the same guy that poured it came to fix it. He reformed that corner and poured the concrete. He poured it wrong and didn't make sure it was level with the rest of the slab so that corner slopes downward. Oh and he also left huge chunks of concrete all over the yard.

Because the repair wasn't done right they weren't able to lift up that corner of the house. The porch and front living room are in that corner. Now the window in the corner is not sitting in its frame properly, the front door doesn't close right, and there is a crack in the wall. This is because the house settled wrong. It's going to have to be re-leveled.  Any person who looks at that front corner can tell it's wrong. The column of blocks in that corner have a severe lean because the slab isn't level.

The people at Southwest Homes decided they were going to try and overcharge us for the electrical and water set-up and also for the slab. My mother asked them for receipts for everything because originally when she had signed papers for the loan they had told her that they wouldn't go over the money that was alloted for each thing.  All they sent her was crappy invoices with no info about anything. She said that wasn't acceptable and is still trying to get them to send her the receipts.

They also sent her a letter telling her she needed to sign off on the house so that they could get the rest of their money from the bank. They wanted her to sign a paper saying the house is completed and that we are happy with the work. Haha not going to happen. Once the final papers are signed we can move into the house.

Mom refused to sign the papers because of the slab and the problem with the inside of the house. My parents talked to the owner of Southwest homes and finally convinced them  to come and take a look at so it can get fixed. Well the owner of the place acted all pissy with my parents and threatened to take the house away on Monday.  He said the slab was fine. It's not. About an hour later he had a moving truck come by to check to see what needs to be done to move the house.

We just found out that the contractor they hired to pour the slab for the house didn't do it right or up to code at all.
    In the State of Louisiana a slab that is supposed to have a house or building on it is required to have footings. The minimum is 12" deep footings in firm soil throughout the slab. It is also supposed to be at least 6" deep I believe. The guy told my father he would get the permit. He never did. The slab he built was only 4" thick with no footings.  Yeah we told the owners of Southwest Homes that you had to have a permit for the slab and they kept saying "Hey we didn't know that" and they kept insisting it was done right. Nope. Sure wasn't! In order for that slab to be up to state code it has to be completely torn up and redone.

We also found out that the contractor that company is using is not licensed. And apparently he's been pouring slabs like this throughout the area.  He's going to get in big trouble.

A civil engineer is supposed to come out tomorrow and inspect the slab. The local building code office is faxing the chapter with codes for slabs to my mom. My parents have got a lawyer. My parents also contacted the bank that the loan is through and the Louisiana Rep is coming out Monday.  We are also contacting the better business bureau and the state licensing board.

These people have been putting my parents through hell. Every time there was a problem they would wait for weeks before coming out and half ass fixing it. They knew when the closing date was. We've been telling them to come out and look at the slab for over two months now. And now they pull the it's fine crap and if you don't sign the papers we're taking the house back and keeping the money we've already got crap. They were trying to screw us over big time. They are going down.

Sorry if this isn't completely readable but I am so pissed and tired from calling tons of people to try and get this resolved.

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