*koulagirl (koulagirl666) wrote in bad_service,

the post office strikes again!

Last time I posted here, I talked about parcels disappearing into some mysterious vortex of doom. This time I have a variation.

I have a post office box because our local postie sometimes mixes up mailboxes and streets and most of my mail wouldn't fit in the piddly little box anyway, so going to the post office to collect my mail is no longer a big deal, especially as the post office is on the way to everywhere. This afternoon, however, I made a special trip just to check my mail, because I'm expecting a parcel which should have arrived today.
In my post office box there was the 'hi! you have a general parcel waiting for collection!' card, so I trotted into the post office, dodged the people who weren't in line but were standing there and the people in line who were wandering around, and eventually handed over my card to the lady behind the counter.

"Are you expecting something, *koulagirl?" she said. She knows who I am and didn't even have to ask what my box number is before going to check on the shelves.
"Yes," I said.
"That's funny, I don't remember anything for you today, and there's nothing here."
I peeked around the corner and well, there's nothing obviously labelled with my box number, but they've looked harder for parcels that have definitely been there.
"But you got two yesterday, didn't you, in a rubber band? Did you only get one card in your box yesterday?" The gentleman behind the counter has weighed in. He gave me two parcels yesterday, and there was only one card in my box then.
"Well, that's it, then. There must have been a mix up and you got a card for yesterday's. Sorry!" said the lady. "See you!"

Despite the fact that I'm expecting a parcel, the fact that it's not immediately visible and the fact that they don't remember it magically counters the fact that they told me I had one and placed a notification card in my box.

I suppose it could have been worse - last year my mother was expecting a parcel which was rather late, and when she asked about it, the person behind the counter found it for her and told her that the notification card must have "blown out of the box", despite the boxes being in a sheltered area and the mail sorting area on the other side being inside (as in having four walls and a roof).
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