miaoudeminou (miaoudeminou) wrote in bad_service,

I go out to eat almost 3-5 times a week because I work and go to school. I have basically no free time in my life but to sleep (4-6hrs) and do homework (barely). Anyways, I've been to almost every fast food place in the area and surprisingly McDonald's is the only fast food place that can get my order right (I've actually thanked their managers).

Taco Johns either puts lettuce on my tacos or they forget their sauce (I'd go to Taco Bell if I didn't want their sauce). I even state every single time "Can I have three beef soft shell tacos with just the meat, cheese and the sauce?" I then get asked "You mean no lettuce!??" and I always reply with "yes no lettuce but please put sauce on it". Every time some thing's screwed up. Either I get lettuce or no sauce and I don't have time to go back ever to get this fixed (I've been meaning to have a talk with their management).

Then with the A&W/KFC they tend to over charge you for a meal, give you the wrong meal, and they're also very rude. The other day I was there and I had asked for a simple cheeseburger meal with chili-cheese fries (if they get it right, it's heaven). I ask for this to go and when it arrives, they put it on a tray. I ask for it to go, and the woman SIGHS at me! She puts everything in a bag and tosses it at me. I check my burger because they charged me $6-something instead of the normal $4-5. It turns out that the guy at the register had charged me for a chicken sandwich and that's what they'd given me. I tried getting a cheeseburger but when I got it back, it looked like someone had spit in it. I basically didn't eat for the rest of the day because I was so turned off by the service provided there. I've been meaning to talk with their management but I've never seen them around (probably hiding from the other million pissed off customers).

Then the other day I went to Lien Chins with a guy friend. The lady was okay at first but then she turned rude. She charged my friend a $1 more for his meal than mine. Our chicken had been sitting so long under those heat lamps it was dry. Then when she asked if I had wanted soy sauce, I replied yes but it's over by the pop. She argued with me and gave me a cup of [sweet and sour sauce?]. I noticed the soy sauce over by the pop and picked up a few. Over all she was just weird and once she was done with our meal and rang it up, she didn't switch gloves to help the next customer.

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