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 I think this is my first post here.

So, I just had to go outside and take a walk I'm so irritated. To sum up a long back story -- I need some particular AV equipment (mics) for a big mtg at my work place, mine are broken, have to rent, lady hosting event suggested her husband's uncle's rental firm. Been communicating with a guy named Mark. Just got off the phone with Mark who threw a hissy fit because I apparently didn't "confirm" in time, and now he'll have to blah blah blah blah.

1. Ok buddy here is how it goes. If I tell you, on the first phone call, that I'm really not around a phone and the best way is to email me, and you take and confirm my email address, I'm going to assume YOU HAVE AN EMAIL ADDRESS AND CAN EMAIL ME.   On the last phone call, getting pissy and telling me the angry mini-history of you not having a company email is not cool. Yahoo, gmail, hotmail, etc. You not having email through your company is so not my problem, esp. when you told me earlier that you'd have the boss email me. Oh, and p.s., I'm the tech supervisor, so I checked our spam filter and nada. <b> Again, I was told that I would get an email that I could use to confirm </b>

2. HOW can you run an av rental company and only have ONE truck? I would say that I'm sorry you have to rent something at the last minute, except I'm not. I'm paying you a hefty chunk of change to drive out and set-up, and it's a few minute set-up.  <b> Come on. DELIVERY COMPANY. The fact that your boss took the only truck you have for his vacation = not my problem </b>

3. Ok, seriously, back to the phone thing. I AM NOT AROUND A PHONE. I can remote and check my email from anywhere that I'm at, but I'm not at a phone. I've told you that, like, 17 times. So leaving 27 messages within the space of two hours is not gonna do a dang thing, because I haven't been at my desk for 6 hours. The only time I'm AT my desk is the morning until about 10, but you don't get to work until 11:30am.  <b> No, I don't have a cell phone. Period. I don't need it. Besides, I can't use one at work </b>

4. WTF with snapping that you gave me your business cell phone number so I should have called that? That message was left on my work phone AFTER I left work, so I didn't hear it until this morning. YOU don't start work until 11:30. I was AWAY FROM A PHONE starting at around 8. Remember, at this point, when I got in at 5:30am, I was still looking for that email you said was coming.

5. I verbally confirmed with you several, several, several times. <b> Sorry, I think this is important. Me asking "So we're all set." and getting an affirmative answer, in my crazy mind, means that yes, we are all set. </b> Your boss faxed me a quote.  The coverletter said "call if you have questions, please sign and return." Ok, I admit, there is probably a hint of customer_suck (I.e. suck from me) but I read that as "Unless this isn't ok, call. Otherwise, sign and return" and I just thought "ok, I'll get it signed and payment ready when they come. <b> I should have added that he said I was being sent an email so I could confirm that way.) </b>

6. Oh wait, additional suck. Just talked to another person who said that you had explained to her that the system is you can receive incomming emails, but outgoing ones become generic business emails, ie. not from you personally. Um, how couldn't you send me an email? <b> Sorry, still think this is a suck, since actually, he does have a way to email. In my mind, lying = bad customer service. </b>


Edit: I don't mind the "it's not bad service comments," so keep them comming if I really am over reacting. Edits are in bold.
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