Polgan (spamwarrior) wrote in bad_service,

This happened awhile back and I've been too forgetful to write it up until now.

My dad and I flew down to south Indiana to pick up his new goldwing. We drove back up to Michigan over two days, stopping in Indianapolis overnight. When we got settled into our hotel room (fairly late at night), we were just plain hungry and went out looking for a pizza joint, aided by the GPS on his new toy.

We found ourselves outside a Papa John'a pizza at about 10:20. It's a Saturday night, the lights are all on, there's an employee inside talking to what looks like two of her friends, a guy and a girl, and their dog.

We scurry up to the door, excited for some grub, and are met with a locked door.

I step back, look at the hours, and see sure enough, Saturday nights they're open for carry out and delivery until 1 a.m.

The guy friend comes to the door and opens it, sticks his head out and informs us that they're closed. Dad is a bit confused/hesitant and first but says alright, begins to walk away, and then, in typical Dad Mode, turns back around. "Wait, you're closed? Is it past 1 a.m.?"

The guy says, "no but she stops taking carry-out orders at ten, the managers let her do that."

Dad shakes his head, in a "wait, WHAT?" sort of way, and says, "ok, you stop taking carry out orders, what other types of orders do you take?


"Fine, what's the phone number?" He pulls out his phone, looks about, and starts dialing the number that's posted on the door.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm going to have you deliver a pizza to the damn parking lot."

The employee breaks away from the counter at this point, opens the door all the way, and asks if we'd be paying with cash or card. Card is the answer, so she explains she can take the order, it's just that her manager lets her lock the door after ten on weekends because she's a female working alone.

We place our order, get our food, and go on our way. I would have been content to find a different place to eat but Dad's one of those The Principle Of The Thing guys.

So: potentially valid reason for not opening door, although if you're not open after 10 POST that, and why is the manager scheduling an employee by herself if she can't/won't do the work by herself?

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