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Bad service from carpet cleaners

We're having a really important guest over in a few days so my mother decided that we should have the carpets cleaned in my room as well as my brother's. We'd had our carpeting cleaned recently so all the carpet under the furniture was clean but the area that was exposed was pretty dirty. The areas we did want cleaned was pretty small, and combined would really only be considered one room. So my mom called up the cleaners we usually use and made an appointment for 11:00 A.M. today. My mother had a coupon for a discount on the price of having two rooms cleaned. She asked the owner if the area we wanted cleaned (stairs included) would be considered two rooms and if we could use the coupon. The owner said sure and that he'd only charge us for $80 cause the area was so small. Cool.

The guys who were supposed to be at our house at 11:00 didn't show up till almost 1:00. Now, we usually don't mind if someone is 5, 10, or 15 minutes late but almost two hours?
I showed the two guys where it needed to be clean and the guy (who I guess was in charge) asked me what the stains where. I told him they were most likely dirt but I didn't know what the red stain was. He glared at me before snapping: "It's OBVIOUSLY NOT DIRT!"
Alright. I instantly didn't like him but I didn't say anything. I don't have to like the guy, he just had to clean my carpet. I just showed him where else we needed cleaned before he went to talk to my mother. He informed her that he would be charging $80 for my room (!!) and an additional $130 for the upstairs room and steps. My mother pointed out that she had talked to the owner who had said they would do everything for $80 and wanted to know why the price had gone up. The man said he was charging $80 for the room upstairs and the additional cost was because of the stairs. He said he was charging $3 a step. Which, doesn't come out mathematically. I counted the steps and we only have 12.

12X3 = 35. 80+36 = 116. 116 =/= 130.

Mother unit and the guy argued for a while and he kept insisting that this was the correct amount that we had to pay in order to do this little bit of space. He was being very rude the entire time, glaring, sighing heavily and finally pissed mom off enough to kick him out. She told him she didn't want him to clean the carpets and wouldn't be using the business again.

Tl;DR Version: Carpet cleaning guys are almost 2 hours late for their appointment. Are rude. Try to charge $210 for a job their boss told us would cost $80.

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