Blarg (niphil) wrote in bad_service,

Bad service from a Temp Agency - relayed to me

To start off, my boyfriend's experience with a temp agency has run contrary to mine. I just signed up a week ago, and while they haven't found anything, they've been nothing but professional, having me fill out tax forms, and take computer tests. They've also encouraged me to call nearly everyday, telling me to call again the next day if they don't have anything.
So I'm surprised by what he went through.

My boyfriend signed up with Kelly Services in April. His class schedule made job searching much more difficult, and understandably, they told him that they probably wouldn't have anything to fit his schedule, but that he should call them when the situation changed. He said sure, and then went on to answer some questions about his address, phone number,etc. for them, watching them seemingly input his answers into the computer.

In the middle of May, when the semester was done he went back to the office tell them that he was completely free, and would be for the rest of the summer. They told him that they didn't have anything for him at the moment, but to keep checking back. So far so good.

Since he's not too far at all from the local office, he went back a few days later just to check. They ask him his name. He gives it to them, and they tell him that they don't have his phone number at all. Oh, and his application was never put through. What. He gives them his information, annoyed by their shoddy service, but, whatever, he needs a job.

Yesterday, he calls their office to check if they have anything. They ask him his name, his number. Ok. They ask him how long he's been working for them. He replies, two months, why? The woman on the phone tells him that she's going to check to see if they have anything for him, and that she's going to put him on hold. Ok.

While he's on hold, another woman answers, and asks him how can she help him today? He wasn't told that he would be transferred and was thrown off a bit, but he repeated what he had told the first person on the phone. She tells him that they don't have anything for him at. Goodbye, she says. He doesn't end the phone call, he asks her if there's anything he can do to improve his odds of getting a job. No, she says. The phone call ends.

At this point he's become very irritated by their overall service. He goes into their office and asks for the address or phone number of the people above their office. Do you mean corporate, they ask him. Sure.

They start avoiding the question. Why do you need that information? they ask.
I want to write them a letter. He tells them. The girl he's talking to turns to the girl behind her and asks her if she has the address. She says that she has it somewhere. The first person he's been talking to tells him that he can go to the website and leave comments there.

He then asks them if they can take his name out of their system. They ask him his name. He tells them, and they both look up at him. Yes, I talked to you on the phone earlier, he says. He watches the girl start pulling up his file, and type one word. He sees the letters F and R typed, but doesn't really see what they put.

So now, he's not sure if they removed him from their files, or just marked him down as fired. He still needs a job, but if they're going to give him the runaround, he doesn't want to work with them. He still intends to write a letter.
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