TruckerBear (truckerbear) wrote in bad_service,

Vonage craptastic service...

I have been a customer of Vonage since 2005 and have relatively liked having a cheap home phone bill because primarily we use our cell phones and don't need a home phone. When Vonage puts it out commission for a week because of there fuck up I am pissed to say the least.

I recently bought a Magic Jack and love it. I called Vonage to have the service canceled or reduced to say just use as a fax line. Of course they asked me why... I explained that I had the MagicJack and didn't need it and they talked me into a new wireless router for free and 10.00 dollars off my monthly bill. I asked a lot of questions like was this signing a new contract, does this mean I need to call when the new router comes to get it configured... blah blah... all said no. I should have known better than to depend on Vonage. Right after I hung up the phone I tried to make another call and they had taken my router offline (within seconds). I was hearing a message, Your telephone is not plugged into the correct jack WTF? I called them back from my MagicJack line, (oh the irony) Um hello my Vonage line doesn't work at all now? You see I have always had weak signal from my Vonage or packet loss etc so I figured just a fluke. Wrong! I cannot make any calls from my Vonage line till I get the new router in the mail and there is no way for them to add the old router back to my account? WHY? 7-10 days before it comes and this is why I ordered my MagicJack to begin with, poor service or no service at all for that matter.

The Filipinos lady said there was nothing I could do... said I would be given a credit, I would not be charged for the new (refurbished router) and given 10.00 dollars off my bill per month. Not even coming close to MagicJack (@ 100.00 bucks for 5 years). Geez I sound like a commercial for MagicJack.

I sent a letter to & with my complaint and don't expect to hear anything. But I think its the craziest thing I have ever heard from a customer service stand point. Never the less a stand point of I pay my bill you need to provide the service not 7-10 days from now.

This is why I switched and I encourage everyone else to do the same. MagicJack is great and has given me zero issues so far. Cheap easy to use and super portable as it goes in your pocket.

Would love to hear from anyone else with there tales on Vonage.

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