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Restroom attendants?

I went out to a club with my boyfriend and some friends. This particular incident happened to my boyfriend. He went to the bathroom, and this bathroom happened to have a restroom attendant. Well, he didn't feel comfortable using the urinal with this guy right there, so he went into a stall instead. At which point the attendant said "I'm not going to watch you pee, man". He was ... rather irked by this, and commented that it was his business whether he went in a stall or not and what he did there. The guy said something to the effect of "Yeah, but everyone does that--they go into a stall if I'm here. I'm not going to stare at them." Well, our noble hero was rather understandably creeped out by this, so he finished without continuing the conversation and then reported the guy to the manager.

It strikes me that there are some jobs in which if the customer does not want your help, you really should simply back off and let them do their thing--and if there are any such jobs, restroom attendant should be among them.
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