Jessica (untimelylove) wrote in bad_service,

So I went to Applebees last night with my parents, sister, and brother-in-law. My Sister is SEVERELY allergic to peppers. And it's been a long time since she's eaten them so she doesn't really know what they taste like. (but we know she's still allergic) Anyway, so we understood that it was busy so we were understanding with our waitress. We all order salads, and when we did, my sister made sure to ask if there were peppers in it and then explained to our Waitress that she was highly allergic to them. Waitress said no problem and that there were no peppers in it. We also ordered our entrees. Still no problem, salads come out, no peppers. We finish our salad, and recieve our entrees. My sister cuts into her chicken and takes a bite and immediately asks the waitress if there's peppers in it. Waitress doesn't says she doesn't know and that she needed to check. My sister tells her she needs to hurry. Still no problem, up to that point.

Five minutes pass, my sister's lip starts to swell. Waitress had at that point been ignoring our table for the entire time since we had asked to her to find out and even goes so far as taking an order from another table. 5 more minutes pass my sister finally finds some allergy medicine in her purse. Her face is swollen. Waitress FINALLY came back and confirmed there were peppers in it. My sister tells her that next time someone tells her that they are allergic to something that she needs to run and not be taking orders from other tables. We ask for check. They tried to charge us for my sister's entree even though she couldn't eat it. We then talk to the manager who tried to tell us everything would be taken care of and that allergies were first priority. He wasn't very sincere.

All around bad service at Applebees.
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