robertr4836 (robertr4836) wrote in bad_service,

1/3 Less Salt!

I just remembered this and I think it qualifies as "bad service"? It's a bit different...usually these stories are about a bad experience with one or more individuals and the solution is typically to go to management or corporate. In this case the bad service is corporate being sneakily deceptive to the public in general.

Years ago I was stalking shelves at Walgreen when I noticed one of the brands of pretzels had new packaging loudly proclaiming that they now had 1/3 fewer calories and 1/3 less salt (really wish I could remember the brand!). We had some of the old packaging on the shelf and, being curious, I compared the two. The ingredients list was exactly the same so I looked at the nutrition information. Sure enough the new bag of pretzels had 1/3 fewer calories and salt per serving than the original packaging...they had reduced the serving size by 1/3!

So we have a package loudly advertising that if you are watching the calories or are on a reduced salt diet this is the one for you when in reality they were just telling you to eat less of their product in one sitting.
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