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update to this post

sry took so long too update. being 9 months pregnant is NOT easy especially when i have 10000000 things to do.
i called the station and asked for someone who was in charge. i described what little of the car i saw and it was one of their officers cars. i told him everything that happened and the times, along with how there's always a cop car sitting at the barn. he said there was no way to tell who it was unless they fessed up because they do some shift change thing a little before 4:30am, and no officers were late that morning (which meant whoever followed me had to have turned around and flew back into town). no file was made because i couldn't identify who it was. im a bit peeved because when he was coming out of McD's, how was i supposed to know i was going to need to know who it was, if thats the case i'd have to look at every cop car that ever passes of comes near me "just in case", and there was no way i could see who it was WHEN HIS BRIGHTS WERE SHINING IN MY EYES! he said he'd talk to the officers about it and see what comes of it, and i gave him my info in case a officer fessed up.
it's been a few days, no call back so im guessing no one fessed up. BUT since then, no cop cars have been at the barn and i haven't seen a single cop on my road or even in-town (except 1 directing traffic from a large tow truck trying to back up into a very small parking lot). although for them not being in town is weird, i figure they're in other parts near bars and such being it's the weekend.

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