HaYwiRe (psychomatt) wrote in bad_service,

Here's another one.

This one was from several years ago, but I was reminded when I read in the paper that the place closed up.

This was at A&W in the food court of a nearby mall. The girl taking orders & money was messing with her hair the whole time (tucking an errant lock over her ear.) Her hair wasn't long, and it was pinned up (other than the errant lock.) No big deal. Until an order came down the slide to be served. Without having washed her hands, and using the same hand that was constantly playing with her hair, she lifted the top bun off of someone's sandwich, to see what was on it. As soon as my wife saw that, she said, "That's disgusting. I'll take my money back NOW, since I've lost my appetite." (The word "now" wasn't yelled or anything, but was emphasized.) The girl got the manager from the back. The manager came through the door from the kitchen area, and her waist-length hair was unrestrained. Granted - she may have been in an office instead of the kitchen, but it does still look bad. The manager was less than friendly, and not at all apologetic as she gave us our refund.

I can't say for certain if their service ever improved, since we never went to that location again, but with our (admittedly, one-time) experience, I'm surprised they lasted as long as they did.
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