. (ex_absentees659) wrote in bad_service,

Listen Here, Little Girl

My Thursday shopping spree with my friend from out of town annoyed the hell out of me. Why? People don't work anymore. And that sucks.

At Maurice's:

I needed a medium shirt of the one that I liked. Instead of suggesting herself that she call the other store in the area to see if they had it she replied, "No, we don't have it," and walked back to the counter. I attempted to keep my cool and went to try on the small shirt (hello boobs) with the skirt (wedding shower) just to make sure of the general look. I liked it. I went to the counter. We had the following conversations:

Me: Can you call your Cambridge store and see if they have this shirt.
Girl: I guess.

She then proceeds to ask, in an irritated voice, if they have the shirt. They do. I proceed to buy the skirt. (I should have bought the skirt elsewhere, too.)

Girl: Do you live near Cambridge?
Me: Yes, I live in New Concord.
Girl: Are you a college student?
Me: No, I went to college in PA.
Girl: Oh. Then why the hell would you want to live there? That's the most horrible town ever! I went to high school there.
Me: *silence*

I left the store, voicing to my friend that people who want my money really shouldn't freaking insult the town where I will be raising my children.

And my day gets better.

Whilst buying a pair of jeans at another store, the girl ringing me up was too busy talking to two other girls behind the counter to ask me normal things like, if I found everything okay and so on. My friend, tired of waiting for slow-poke to ring me up, walks up to the other register and the girl behind it says, "Oh, I'm not open."

Then what the HELL are you standing there for?!

Do people not understand service anymore? GOOD LORD.

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