Kiro Lee (kirolee) wrote in bad_service,
Kiro Lee

Dear Student Dentist.

I realize you are just a student, but it doesn't take a degree to tell the difference between when you are causing the patient pain and when it actually is pressure. If the patient is screaming and crying and they say its pain, it really is pain. Plus you need to wait a bit longer for the Novacaine to work. That goes for you too regular dentist seeing how you gave me a third shot and immediately went to work. Plus I don't know what you did, but my stitches really itch and normally have dissolved by now.

Regular Dentist, you did one nice thing for me though. You were able to see I was in some really bad pain and offered me a scrip for a pain killer. Thanks for the Vicodin.


For the whole story if anyone wants to read it.
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