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Witnessed Bad Service.

Background: I work at a call center, which...as you know, bad service tends to be abound. Most of the people where I work are decent people, and generally do everything they can to help their customer, but there are some people I work with (who I don't really know personally, to be honest) who could really take a lesson from everyone else.

I witnessed a girl giving bad service to a customer today when I was walking out to have my lunch. The girl was just sitting there, in her cubicle, texting while on the phone. Now, not bad, right? Yeah, it was. Not only could I hear the customer saying miss over and over again, but the girl was too busy typing to answer. She looked up at her phone just as I was going out the door and went: "Oh, she hung up." And played it off like the customer was irate.

This same girl likes to flirt with one of the supervisors, and when he's around, she's all over him. She ignores her customers, and even goes as far as to "accidentally" hang up the phone so that she doesn't have to deal with them, and shove them off to someone else, so that she can continue to flirt with the guy.

Have you ever called customer service and the agent who answered sounded really disinterested and it just annoyed you to no end? Yeah, she's like that.

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