Samantha (ash_gatherer) wrote in bad_service,

UPS Multi-Suck

I don't receive a lot of packages, but that also means when I have something coming it's usually something I'm excited about and looking forward to.

On multiple occasions, the UPS driver for the route I live on has magically skipped over my apartment.  I know parking sucks and getting that big truck in and out is probably a huge pain.  No excuse for not doing your job though.

UPS has a policy that all deliveries are supposed to be completed by 5pm, ideally.  If they are not, the driver is responsible for continuing to deliver until as late as 9pm.  The fact that my driver just sometimes didn't show up on a scheduled delivery date was extremely annoying. 

Suck 1:
I am excitedly waiting for my fancy new cell phone.  It was the first nice PDA phone I'd bought.  I got home from work at 1:45 or so (I worked the early shift) and am anxiously awaiting delivery.  I am near my front door and window which looks out onto the parking lot.  There is no way I did not hear the door or the truck rumbling in.  I check the tracking a few times- "Out for Delivery."  Suddenly I check it shortly after 5pm.  "Receiver was unavailable to sign.  Second delivery attempt will be made."  EXCUSE ME?  I'M HOME RIGHT NOW, and it was scanned only a few minutes previously as me not being home to sign?  B.S.  And you know how when they try to deliver they leave that little note on your door to let you know they were there?  Yeah.  Didn't get that.

Next day.  Out for delivery.  Unable to deliver due to inclement weather.  It's JUNE.  The weather is perfectly mild and normal.  It's not even raining and this is the pacific northwest!

So I call.  I'm not happy.  It's a fun trick lazy drivers do; if you don't get your deliveries done in time, scan the remaining packages as undeliverable for whatever reason and you can go home.  So I ask them if I can pick it up instead.  They say it's at the warehouse.  Go down there.  Not there.  Apparently the truck is not back yet (it's now close to 10pm).  They say they will hold it for me and I can get it the next day.  I show up the next afternoon.  NO ONE TOOK IT OFF THE TRUCK.  Are you kidding me?  You're a DELIVERY service.  I'm offering to do part of your job by picking it up myself, and you can't even do that right? 

The manager at the warehouse was cool, and took care of me.  I had to come back later but I got my package.

Suck 2:
Again, excitedly awaiting a package.  This time my new computer.  It took me a long time to save up for this and it's not cheap.  I confirm with the company I ordered with that they will REQUIRE a signature for delivery, due to the value of the goods as well as it's a large package.  Left on a doorstep, it's likely to be noticed and with the big computer company logos on it...  Not a bright idea. 

Having a not great track record with the my UPS guy, I call UPS and give instructions to make sure a signature is required.  Things get overlooked.  But if it's on the shipping label and the customer instructions that pop up with the scan, I figure I'm safe.

No.  I come home to my computer sitting in front of my door.  WTF.  Best part?  I only got 1 of 2 boxes.  They delivered the second one the next day.  I called to complain that the driver had left it without a signature, and I was advised the second box would definitely not be left without a signature.  Guess what I came home to?  The second large box sitting in front of my door.

I work in customer service and am pretty patient and tolerant.  I do my best to take care of my customers and all I ask is that you do the same for me.  Between the fake scans and the complete inability to follow directions, I was freakin' pissed.  I called corporate to file my complaint this time, instead of just with the local warehouse.  The next delivery I had from UPS was a few weeks later.  Guess what?  New delivery person.  Never saw that guy again.
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