Edible the Incredible (boredominity) wrote in bad_service,
Edible the Incredible

This happened about a year or so ago.
I was waiting in line at KFC to buy some lunch. I started feeling a little dizzy but the line was very long and I didn't want to lose my place so I kept waiting. I waited until I was next to be served but just as it was my turn the dizziness took over and I fainted fowards onto the counter.
I came to a few seconds later to find that the teenage boy serving me had moved the line sideways around my unconsciously-slumped body and was serving the customer after me as though I was an inconveniently placed 'wet floor' sign. No one batted an eyelid.
I regained consciousness, stumbled to a nearby chair, and five minutes later re-joined the end of the line.

EDIT: Goddamnit I hate it when people edit their post to justify their actions! Oh well, to clear up speculation (though you guys do love to speculate) the only reason I gave these guys money for food was because the reason I passed out was from lack of food. Consequently the first thing in my head was 'must get food now'! Besides, after coming out of a faint you're not really thinking 'omg hate rage!!!1!eleventy! They didn't notice me!!', I was really only focused on how fucking scary it is to faint in a public place.
PS: Yes this did really happen. I don't make up things for the dubious glory of an awesome bad_service story!

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