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So I went to Cici's Pizza the other night hoping to get some of their cinnamon rolls before I watched a movie with my mom, and walked in and witnessed some definite bad service mixed with some slight customer suck as well...

I walk in and stand in front of the register, which has no one working at it - there appear to be only 2-3 people working and all were in the pizza making section. The restaurant wasn't that full, though, either, so I suppose it wasn't that big of a deal, except I waited around for about 2-3 minutes without any acknowledgment on their part (I wouldn't have minded waiting if they'd said their normal "Hi! Welcome to Cici's! We'll be with you in a moment) or any service. It was then I noticed a middle-aged blonde lady waiting in the booth right next to the register start to look very agitated, and she got up and walked over purposefully and leaned over the counter and started pointing and talking to one of the workers there. I couldn't hear clearly what she was saying, but I did hear an "Excuse me!... something something... He shouldn't be doing that... something something." She then walked down to the register where I was standing, kind of got slightly in front of me and kept talking to the worker who had walked down that way behind the counter as well, and said in a very angry toned voice: "He is NOT allowed to be wiping his nose like that when he's making pizzas. I am a nurse, and that is BULLSHIT. I want my money refunded! And I'm going to need the name of your manager as well, because I'm going to be reporting this." The worker looked very flustered at this point, and said: "I am the manager, ma'am. As I said before, I apologize for this and will be refunding your money." He then started pushing some buttons on the register, I'm assuming to get the refund. At this point I was very grossed out to hear that apparently a worker was making pizzas and wiping his nose with his hands at the same time he was making them, so I started walking out while she was still talking very angrily - nobody had acknowledged me by that point, anyway. I did hear a few other curse words come out of her mouth, though, and while I definitely think it was unsanitary and inexcusable for a sick worker to possibly be spreading germs to his customers, the manager did at least try to handle it well, giving her a refund right away and being calm and quiet the whole time even while she said some curse words at him (though she wasn't yelling at him, her voice wasn't quiet either) - though I can also understand her anger, because who wants to possibly catch an illness from a sick worker being allowed to prepare food with unclean hands? Regardless, being the germaphobe that I am, I was out of there once I'd heard that little piece of information.
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