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A week of bad service with one particularly annoying story.

I've had a week of really horrible service, which is kind of random considering that I've always had wonderful service in the area in which I live (I live on the "friendly" side of my state). I had a Dunkin Donuts employee get into a screaming match with me the other day because I asked for chocolate syrup and she gave me blueberry syrup in my iced coffee (her manager even, kind of disgustingly, tried my drink when I returned it and ended the argument when she announced that it was clearly blueberry and not chocolate). I was also delivered an entirely wrong meal by my favorite Japanese restaurant and I couldn't convince them to come back and deliver me the right thing, so all I got was credit on my account for the meal (and we ended up throwing out $15 worth of food because neither myself or my boyfriend or any of our friends could stand eel sushi).

A few nights ago, some friends and I who are members of a sketch comedy troupe went to our usual diner at our usual time. We're regular patrons, buy around $120 worth of food, are very kind to our servers and tip very well (I'd say an average of 20% - 25%, pretty good for a mix of college students and recent grads). The waitresses love us, and we've been requested occasionally when certain waitresses were working.

However, this particular night we had the demon waitress from hell. I will never complain about service that takes too long - that can easily be the fault of the kitchen. I will however, complain about a server who throws straws at us, gives us dirty looks and huffs when we ask for additional straws because she didn't give us enough, gets angry when when we need to decide on something else to order because the kitchen is out of what we wanted, disappears for more than 15 minutes after we ask for a few minutes to reconsider the order that the kitchen was out of and has to be tracked down by a member of our party to give our order (while she's off in a corner laughing and chatting with another waitress and the place was practically empty aside from our group). She also huffed and acted incredibly put out when I asked her for some BBQ sauce for my chicken fingers. She was so horrifying when we asked for extra straws and for the BBQ sauce that we were literally afraid to ask for (free) refills on any of our drinks because she was being THAT nasty toward us.

At one point, I had my purse tucked under the table near my feet, not anywhere near where people would walk and she actually snapped at me to move my purse "before somebody breaks their neck". Even if my purse was out in the middle of the aisle (which it wasn't, it really was tucked between my feet underneath the table, the strap included!), I'd imagine that a waitress expecting a tip would want to smile and say something along the lines of "Excuse me, your purse is obstructing the aisle, would you mind moving it under the table please?" or something similar. Really, I think she was still holding a grudge about the BBQ sauce request.

Another thing is that we always get separate checks and warn the waitresses before we order, which we did this night. They ring up separate checks for us and we pay individually at the register. Easy. This woman, however, decided she couldn't be bothered so she didn't keep our orders separate and gave us a giant check and a pen and told us to go through and assign "numbers" to each individual so that she could then make up the separate checks. To stay with the theme of the night, she of course through the pen at us and was incredibly rude.

Now I understand that waitresses get paid a terrible amount of money, but we all tipped her around 7% - 10% because she was downright mean to us. My boyfriend and I joked about writing on the bill "Be nice to your customers" as her "tip" but I didn't have the heart to do it. I gave her about $1.50 on a $15 check and wished I'd had the courage to give her nothing. One of my friends who can't get out of the habit of tipping large regardless of the service still gave her $5 on an $18 which she totally did not deserve.

Can I just say that I love the concept of this community after the week I've had?
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