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Bad Service from the Pediatrician

In February of this year we took my daughter-then almost 3, to the pediatrician due to a concern of a boil on her buttocks. I was concerned about CA-MRSA as I had developed in October last year and I knew how dangerous it could be and how quickly it can spread.

The doctors had to lance her, and they put her on Septra and they took a culture and promised to call with the results. A few days later I recieved a call and was told it was not CA-MRSA and not to be concerned. 

Fast forward to last week. My grandfather passed away and I was at the hospital. The next day my daughter developed a boil on her rear again and it became enlarged quickly. I also developed a boil under my arm, and so I became concerned again about CA-MRSA. Friday morning I called the pediatricians office and told them what was going on and they got me in with another doctor who was on call for the holiday weekend. We went in and when the doctor came in I told her about our visit in February and that we were told it wasnt CA-MRSA so I was hoping it was maybe the same situation this time around. 

The doctor looked at her chart and said "No, she had CA-MRSA." I told her that the nurse had called and specifically told me it was NOT CA-MRSA. She told me that no, she was looking right at her chart were it said it was and even showed me. I was livid. I could and still can not, understand how they messed this up. Even they said it was something to be concerned about, so why and how could they call me and tell me it was NOT?

The doctor my daughter saw Friday is pretty abrubt, and she basically got to the point, lanced her, and gave us an antibiotic. We recieved a call on Sunday saying it was CA-MRSA again, and continue the antibiotics. And just like when I was diagnosed this means another major disinfecting of the house, on top of regular cleaning. I dont mind, I'm just glad to be informed of a proper diagnosis. 

As a side note I also went to the doctor that day and do NOT have CA-MRSA. Seems mine was stress induced.

So here is the thing, now that my hectic week from hell is over I have had time to think and I'm really pissed. I dont even know who I should speak to about this though. As a mother my mind races as to what might have happened if the antibitoics hadnt worked (I was on three different antibiotics before they found one that was effective). I'm just really shocked that this type of mistake could be made and would like to make sure it doesnt happen again with more serious consequences for someone else. So if anyone has any advice of who I should speak to first in the office, please let me know.

ETA: Thank you everyone for the advice. I am going to call the doctors office today and find out which particular system they have in place and try to get something done about this. Thanks again!
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