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Say no, but please dont waste my time

Fairly Small (but possibly long winded):

So I used to play the MMORPG "Pirates of the Burning Sea". It is a fun good game but I have been unable to take the time to play in 2-3+ months. I have meant to play a number of times lately but it just hasn't happened. In liue of playing I decided i really should cancel but never remembered when i was at the computer

Over the weekend the next months subscription charge hit my bank account as "pending" and was yet one more reminder. Also as my summers are even more busy I always cancel all MMOs for the summer and then pick one up come fall. Fortunately Today i got a message from a friend asking "what game are you playing these days" which served as a reminder.

I logged onto the billing site (managed by SOE) and canceled. I then decided it may be worth an attempt to get refunded for paid time not used. It's a longshot but I have a better chance if I at least ask.

"I havn't logged in in 2-3 months, just no time lately, and I wanted to
have my most recent cycle (from the 22nd) refunded, i would like more
(back to the last cycle i actually logged in during) but understand that
it was my responsibility and am just asking for some mercy here if
possible :)"

I basically indicated I knew I wasn't entitled but was hoping they would be willing to help me out so to speak.

This is the chat transcript edited for personal details and some brevity:

TSR - Jordon S:Hi, my name is TSR - Jordon S. One moment please, while I read your question.
TSR - Jordon S: Please provide your station name.

You: $Station_Name
TSR - Jordon S: Please describe your issue.
You: wasnt that in the request submitted?
TSR - Jordon S: Please elaborate it.
You: i just have not had time to play the game in a while
You: i saw the most recent charge for the game pending with my bank and realized i really should cancel
TSR - Jordon S: Ok.
You: so i did that but would like the refund of the current month, and if possible any months i have not logged in for the whole subscription persiod if the company would be so kind
TSR - Jordon S: Please provide the station name.
You: $Station_Name
TSR - Jordon S: Do you want a refund on the subscription?
You: yes
TSR - Jordon S: We appreciate your request for a refund, however we will not be able to process your request as all pre-paid fees are non-refundable as explained in Section 5 of the End User License Agreement (copied below) as well as when you register with your billing information.

5. We describe our fees and billing procedures at www.burningsea.com, which are incorporated by reference. All fees are stated in U.S. Dollars. All fees are prepaid and non-refundable. Upon your acceptance of these terms, we will automatically charge your credit card the Account fee plus any applicable taxes we are required to collect, and you authorize us to do so. Thereafter, on the applicable anniversary, we will charge your credit card the then-current renewal rate plus any applicable taxes we are required to collect, and you authorize us to do so. If we are unable to process your credit card at a renewal period, your account may be immediately terminated.

TSR - Jordon S: Is there anything else I can assist you with today?
You: guess not
TSR - Jordon S: Thank you for visiting our Sony Online Entertainment customer support chat. Take care and have a nice day!
***** TSR - Jordon S Has Disconnected

Really, I expected to be turned down but figured that they current cycle would be a compromise they might be willing to make.  But not reading the request so i have restate, asking for the login name which was also part of the initial submittal, which all is technically not needed if its a flat policy denial.

Part of me would have also appreciated a more personal/human response but I am not sure I was talkking to a human :p

The game is still good and I have lots of love for Flying Labs and their devs, but just that seemed . . off the way [SOE] replied. I was given a name of someone else to follow up with so i sent the same request to them and will see how they respond.

Still not expecting anything that I will get more then the current month, if even that, just hoping that at least this time there is some comprehension and perhaps some empathy of at least why I am asking. 

Edit to Clarify: No, it is not that the refund was denied, it is the lack of ability to A) read the original submission, B) take down the information when respnded to, C) not scrolling up and instead asking the question again that was also in the original submission.
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