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Did that hurted?

Okay, I will preface this by saying that, yes, I am visibly pierced and tattooed (one, about the size of my hand).  I understand the occasional question from onlookers or people who I am serving at work  (even though I generally cover 90% of my tattoo and flip up my septum, 5/8" ears still get poked at/questioned).

What I don't get is reactions like
My boyfriend and I are really big animal people, and we also enjoy going to the zoo.  Last week we decided why not go out and get a full on zoo membership so we can support them better.  So we got one and were happily enjoying our zooishness, until we got to the souvenir shop to look for a map.

First, we walk in and look for the maps. There aren't any, so I figure that we can look around before going to guest services.  Sometimes zoo shops have cute (overpriced) stuff.  So I'm looking at some nifty binocular/flashlight/compass thing when these two employees who have not asked me if I needed help, but only talked amongst themselves start looking at me in HORROR or something.
Then they whisper amongst themselves some and the questioning starts.

Girl 1: *pained look on face, points to septum piercing* DID THAT HURTED? (yes, she really said hurted)
Me: *politely, but quickly* No, it didn't, yes it is
Girl 1: "giggle giggle *points to ears*  Are those real? Did it hurt? What is that?"
Girl 2: *mumbles something about a tribe and giggles*
Me: "No, it didn't hurt" *starts looking at stuff that is obviously more interesting than questions I've been asked 100 times*
Girl 1: "Cuz this guy came in before and his were bigger and metal and he said it hurt"
Me: *wondering why they feel the need to ask someone these questions if they've already seen these piercings before* "Well, if it hurt, he was doing it wrong."

At this point, my boyfriend is trying to lure me away. I'm sure that he saw I was turning bright red, and he knows that I get anxiety talking to people I don't know outside of a familiar work environment.  I go to look at some mock African instruments they have made, and I can still hear the girls discussing my piercings for a good 10 minutes after I walk away.
Once again, I never got asked if I needed help finding anything, and the girls did ask other people if they wanted help. I was only treated as a spectacle. 
I know some people think that when one modifies their body, they are "asking for it", but I do expect some common decency and to be treated as a paying customer too, you know?  I could have spent a good amount of money there, my boyfriend too.  I considered complaining, but in the end I was too flustered and nervous due to the questioning. 

from people who are supposed to be giving ME service.
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