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I hate Rite Aid.

I will never ever get a prescription filled at Rite Aid again.
This will probably be long.
Wait, Let me back up and start with saying, the first time I took my prescription to Rite Aid, they lost it and I had to wait 4 hours longer than what I was promised to get my medicine.

Okay sorry about that. Now to the real suck.

So I am very much 9 months pregnant. B/c I am pregnant, I have had high blood pressure and have to take high blood pressure medicine 4 times a day. I noticed on Wednesday that I was almost out of medicine and would need it before Saturday. [And I wanted to be sure to call it in with plenty of time in case something happened, like they lost it..again. and because of Monday being Memorial Day] . I call the automated line, it tells me it will be ready to pick up after 2 on Thursday. I ended up not having time after work on Thursday so I specifically called and let them know that I would be in after I got off on Friday to pick it up. [With me only having 2 pills left].  Friday afternoon at 6:30, I walk into Rite Aid and notice all the lights are out in the pharmacy.
Me: Me
SM: Store Manager

Me:  "..The pharmacy is closed? It's only 6:30. I was under the impression that they were open until 9.."
SM: "Yeah, they are. but I'm sorry, the pharmacist just left.
Me: "..tells her everything I need my meds, how I called. blah blah
SM: "Well really, we can't do anything without having the pharmacist here. The other store needed him, so he left here to help them out.."
Me:" Do you not call people to let them know that you aren't going to have a pharmacist.. I really have to have my meds. That's why I was sure to call it in advance"
SM: "Normally, we would call, but we didn't expect him to just leave like that.."
Me: "Well I really need my medicine. I have about 2 pills to last me..,and I will have taken both of them before the morning"
SM: "Okay, well let me try a different store and see if they can give you a few pills to last till tomorrow. Tomorrow our pharmacist will be here"
Me: "Okay, great."

I ended up driving 15 mins to another store, for freakin pill. One pill. I figured ok, at least I can take it in the morning and go to Rite Aid since the pharmacist will be there tomorrow.

Got to Rite Aid at 9:30. .. I check the door, pharmacy opens at 9.. Walk in. And low and behold. The lights in the pharmacy are off..again.

I go up to the store manager, different than last night, as she is writing signs to say the pharmacy is closed.

Me: "Hi, the pharmacist here today?"
SM: "No, we aren't going to have one all weekend.."
Me: "Are you kidding me?"
:::tells her story about last night, I'm 9 months pregnant, I have to have my medicine. At this point, Im sure my blood pressure is high anyways, because of all this.

Basically the store manager was very helpful. She called her general manager, who said they couldn't do anything about it.
She called 3 other stores, who didn't have the medicine I needed. And she called the one I went to the night before..who, didn't have a pharmacist. They had the medicine but not a pharmacist.
By this point, I was livid. I'm worrying to death about not being able to have my medicine.
The store manager ended up calling Wal Mart and having them transfer my prescription there.
[This whole process took 2 hours]
The store manager that helped me was very sweet and all, but the whole ordeal really got to me. And then the kicker as I'm leaving. She tells me that she is there every other weekend. And every weekend since she's been there [Feb. ] They have only had one pharmacist, meaning that the pharmacy is closed like that all the time. [I never knew that, b/c normally I go during the week]

I think that is horrible service. It would have been one thing if they would have called me or something.
It was such a big inconvenience to have to go through the same thing the next day when the store manager that night told me that someone would be there and I'd be able to get my medicine.

So yeah. Rite Aid can suck it.
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