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UGH.. cops.. they'll try ANYTHING to meet their quota's.

my driving record: im 2 weeks from being 25, have been driving since i was 16. no at fault accidents, and the only 2 tickets i ever got,and paid the same day, was because i was 10-15minutes late moving my car from one side of the street to the other.

so every morning around 3:40am, i drive my fiance to work. we live out in the sticks, so there's no traffic until we reach "in-town". ever since cops have noticed my little blue hyundai coming out at the same time every morning, there has been a cop car sitting at an angle a mile around the corner from my house (its where their jurisdiction begins), parked next to a barn so it can easily detect my speed AND pull out to go in my direction. that's not the sucky part... although it does kinda suck. this has been going on for a couple months. a few times the cop has followed me in town.. i don't know if it was because they wanted to see where my destination is, or if they really had to go in town. BUT as soon as i hit where my fiance works, they tend to park in the Mcdonalds parking lot across the street from it.

this morning i noticed no cop car next to the barn. i figure they know they'll never catch me doing anything wrong, as im sure they've pulled up my license plate number to check my record. i drop my fiance off at work, and the second i pass the Mcdonalds, a cop car pulls out and follows me. once we hit the very long road to the sticks, he's tailgating me, like about to hit my car if i let off the gas tailgating. im thinkin "ok, maybe he's going to just pull me over for some lame excuse like its 40mph and im going 38". after 20 or so seconds, he shines his brights on (not his pull over lights). im freaked out because he's not only on my tail, but the brights are on and its making it hard for me to drive. he then slowly falls back about 3 car lengths but his brights are still on. its like this for about 4 miles down the road. then a car comes from the other direction, and he turns the brights off... but once that car passes, he puts his brights back on. finally a mile from where his jurisdiction ends, he turns the brights off, then turns onto the road (where his jurisdiction ends) before my street.

i know it's illegal to tailgate, and illegal to have your brights on when there is a car ahead of you, but being as he was a cop.. if i called the station, they would just brush it off. i know he was tailgating to try to get me to speed up, and when that didn't work, he tried the brights to see if it would make me swurve so he could get me for reckless driving. neither worked. i just can't believe that they'd TRY to force people to do something they shouldn't be doing just so they can give someone a ticket.
not to mention the FAIL on his part... i have a sign in the back of the car that says "BABY ON BOARD".. so the moron is putting my baby in danger too. (my baby isn't out yet, im due to give birth any moment now, but i put that and the car seat in my car to get ready for her arrival)

discalimer: they suck is NOT that the cops wait for/follow me. the suck IS that he was tailgating me with his brights on for miles, AND that he was putting me and my baby in danger. (if he didn't see the baby on board sign, thats as clear as day, then he's on the wrong profession. cops are supposed to take notice to details)
this is bad_service because my taxes pay his salary, so i pay for his services.... and he was doing a very bad service.
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