Rachel (ex_lacanian) wrote in bad_service,

Asshole nurse.

Okay, this small bad service happened a few months ago, but it's been pissing me off ever since, ha.

Okay, so I went to my local walk-in clinic because I thought I might have a small fracture in my foot, and wanted to get it checked out ASAP. Before you go into the room where you see the doctor, a nurse comes to take vitals, height and weight. When we got to the scale, I made it very clear to her that I didn't want to know what I weigh. I said "I'm in recovery, and I don't want to know." So, I get on the scale backwards, she does her thing, doesn't SAY the number aloud but instead decides to SHOW it to me.


Her attitude was very much, "oh, she's a tiny little thing, probably just a little concerened about her figure, let me ease some of her fears by showing the low number." Ugh. The worst part is that she was a NURSE, not a CNA or Tech.

Clearly, I was not specific enough when saying "I don't want to hear the number." I should have said see or hear the number, huh?
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