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lazy ass cops!

(i know the police aren't a business, per se, but they still provide a service to the public, hence i'm putting this rant here.)

i volunteer at a no-kill rescue shelter, which also has attached to it a vet clinic and pet supply store. the rescue is mostly filled with cats, though they have a few dogs as well.

a couple days ago, an asshole surrended two dogs to the rescue, saying that they were too much trouble and that one supposedly had bit his child twice. he signed all the paperwork that is given out, therefore giving up all rights et al.

well this morning, he apparently wanted them back. he called asking if he could have them back. Dawn (the owner) said if he really did want them back, he could have them back after they were fixed--because no pet is adopted (or re-adopted in this case) until they are fixed.

he yelled over the phone that no one was fixing his dogs and then showed up not long after. Dawn again told him he could have them AFTER they were fixed and they were scheduled to be fixed that day. instead he went into the employees only rescue area. Dawn told one of her vet clinic receptionists to call the cops. the asshole goes into the dog room, takes the dogs and heads back for the door. Dawn attempted to block the front doors but he used his elbow to bodyslam her into the nearest wall and took off out the door.

now comes the police bad service--when the cops showed up and were told this, they told Dawn it wasn't a criminal case! that if they brought him back she could make a citizen's arrest.

it took the woman who runs the county (kill) shelter making a phone call to the PD for them to actually go out and arrest the guy on strongarm robbery. (supposedly this carries a higher charge than assault and battery?)

i loathe our local cops. "it's not a criminal case", my ass.

a) the dogs weren't his property any longer. that's called theft!
b) he bodyslams the owner of the business into a wall. that's called assault!

the irony is that they constantly whine about lack of citizen support. well when you make no attempt to HELP the citizens here without an angry phone call from a county employee, do you think you're going to get any support???

i wonder....if they let this guy off, can some action be taken against the cops for their laziness? or do they get off scot-free?
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