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OK, I'm kind of new to the taxes, IRS, uncle same green backs sort of thing. You seasoned veterans out there already know that the IRS are full of meany-cah-cah heads with doodey eyes. I had a VAGUE idea, until about 20 minutes ago. Now, I know that they are really just awful. And in the mean while I got myself seriously butthurt over it.

Since I haven't the faintest, I took my taxes to my family's tax guy. He's sort of getting on in years and has a bad eye, but is still great and got me a great refund. Only one problem, he misspelled my name ONCE on the front of the document which tumbled into a snowball, which tumbled into an avalanche. I didn't catch the mistake, and sent it out into the wild world of TAX-LAND. After 9 weeks, I was getting really nervous. What's the hold up? WHERE MAH-MONEY AT? So, I called, and the first lady I ever spoke to was nice enough. I was on hold for about 30 minutes, and I fully expected that. She said I would get a letter in the mail, which I did. I was happy, MAYBE I CAN RESOLVE THIS QUICKLY? Upon discovering the problem, I signed the necessary documents, and to expedite, I faxed it in. Now, I have no effin' clue if they got this. I have no effin' clue at all. I had tons of questions, like: Should I send the hard copy in case? How long does it take to process? Will you take money off of my refund like the letter threatened it would? Blahdy freakin' blah blah I don't freakin' know!

So I called. And I was on hold for 30 more minutes. And I get Ms. Shandra, and immediately I regretted ever being a law abiding, tax paying citizen:

Ms S: ID # 1234567 Ms. Shandra speaking
Me: Hello Ms. Shandra, My name is nanci_raygun, how are you today?
Ms S: (silence)
Me: (cough) Uhm, I was wondering if you might be able to help me with a few questions I had about my tax return. There seem to be a few problems with it and I just want to verify everything, and maybe help my case along.
Ms S: YEAH. (longer pause)
Me: (waiting for her to complete whatever the hell she was going to say after YEAH)
Ms S: Well what's your problem!?
Me: Uhh, (explains misspelled name, faxing, and asks another question.)
Ms S: Pssh, I don't know! If you faxed it in tuh-day I can't TELL.
Me: ... Well, when will I know if it's been received, atleast? Should I send a hard copy?
Ms S: WHAT!? Ugh, HOLD ON.
......(puts me on hold for 15 minutes. Now I'm freaked out.)
Ms S: Pssssh. Yah hang up?
Me: No, uh... What should I do about x, y, and z Ma'am? Is there anyone else I can talk to?
Ms S: Well there's no way we can help you with any of this. You'd have to talk to department X. How did you think you'd be able to tell us anything and we'd just fix it?
Me: Well, I ... I don't know. I was just... Can you transfer me to Department X?

And with that, she hung up on me. She... hung up on me. I didn't hear the click, so when I said, "I don't really like how you're talking to me, and I've been very polite. I just want to resolve this and I rightfully have questions." ... I was saying it to a dead phone. I shed a little butthurt tear because I am always extra nice to anyone providing any service to me, and to be treated like double-dog shit? LOL on my part. I guess the IRS can scream at and hang up on whoever they want to because who in their right minds are going to wait ANOTHER 30 minutes to get to a representative and complain?

I'm just going to call my tax guy and make him deal with it, yo. I'm over the government. I'm out.
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