The Artist formerly known as Cybele24 (rightsaidred) wrote in bad_service,
The Artist formerly known as Cybele24

Typed this in the car last night...

Dairy Queen, I hate you.

So I’m on a 6 hour road trip and we stop off in Clear Lake, IA for gas and a snack. We decided to grab some DQ as it is rather hot out and our AC is busted. The hubby, his friend, and our puppies get what they want, no worries. Mine on the other hand…

I wanted a cherry Misty float(I guess it’s “Acrtic Rush” now—lame). It’s basically a slushie with ice cream in the middle. They give it to me and I think it looks a little pale—it’s like bubble gum pink, instead of the BRIGHT red it usually is-- and I do mean bright, it's usually red like Ronald McDonald's hair or something. For some reason, I don’t really think much of it. I get out to the car and take a sip… it’s SO NOT cherry flavored. I have the hubby take a sip and he agrees. I figure maybe someone hit the Watermelon or Strawberry-Kiwi syrup instead, though I really can’t tell WHAT its supposed to be, artificial flavors being what they are. They all look the same to someone in a hurry.

So I go back in and say, hey, this doesn’t taste like cherry, I think someone put in the wrong syrup. I explain the taste and color are both way off from what it usually is and she offers to make another one. I watch her and see the bottle is marked cherry, but when she hands it to me she says “this one looks just the same and I USED cherry.” It DID look the same, but it didn’t taste any more like cherry than the last one did. At this point I figure someone refilled the bottles with the wrong syrup (They reuse the pump bottles, refilling them from bigger jugs of syrup). I mention this idea, and all she says is “Well, do you want something else?” **Um, no, I want what I ordered, but apparently nobody cares whether I or any other customer wanting cherry gets what they ordered.** At that point I thought , it’s 8pm, and we have two hours left to drive-- screw it, I guess I’ll just try to get this… thing… down and I left.

She gave me a large instead of a small the second time and now I have this huge thing that tastes all wrong and weird and not like any fruit, real or artificial, I have ever tasted. If anything, it tastes like cheap bubble gum. I think they must have mixed ALL THREE red syrups because it doesn’t taste like any of them… I tried valiantly to suck it down, but now it’s sitting melting in my cup holder.

For the record, it’s not that they made a mistake that annoys me, it’s that the cashier was so unconcerned about it. She was insistent that there was nothing wrong with it and acted like I was wasting her time. You know, because the ZERO people waiting in line behind me were clearly calling for her attention.

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